Do you provide hosting services?
Yes, we provide fast, secure hosting through Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.
Do I need an SSL?
Anyone who has any sort of form on their site needs to have an SSL in place to protect the users of your site. Google has recently moved up it’s SSL pages in ranking, so it definitely is a good idea.
What if I don’t have a domain?
That’s not a problem. We can research domains that would work for you and manage all the technical jargon for you.
What are some of the tools you use to build a site?
We use PHP, Javascript, html, css, jquery, boilerplate. All the usual suspects.
Can we edit and add our own content or pages?
Of course! We can use Wordpress if you’re a smaller business. Wordpress can have its issues if not done properly. If you’re a mid-size company or larger, we recommend a custom CMS coded to work for you.
What about Wordpress?
We can build websites for you in Wordpress; yet, we prefer to offer clients a more customized solution. Wordpress is great, but it is meant for different types of sites. The price of massive customization leads to websites getting bloated and overloaded, causing your website to appear slow.
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